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Client Testimonies


Malia, Manoa

Ms. Berry is very professional, compassionate, and very helpful. She is component and very knowledgeable of this field. She made the sale easy and smooth, always keeping us informed of anything that may have come up. Ms Berry truly went over and beyond what a realtor would do.

Cindy, Mililani

Ms. Berry is on the top of her game. She is on time, great with paperwork and goes above and beyond to help a client buy or sell their dream home. She helped me sell my Condo quickly which helped me to move on with my new life on the mainland.

Pele, Big Island

Christina is very punctual! She knows her field very well, and very effective and methodical in her work ethics. Very trust worthy and dependable. I have her once before and is currently working with us on another project at the moment. Very friendly and easy to work with.

I am generally careful with referrals; unless I feel the product or service truly exceeds the norm or standard expectations. In this instance I wholeheartedly endorse Christina, without any reservations, I have referred many people to her and they have all had exceptionally positive experiences.

Christina puts 110% effort into any transaction, and she always has the best interests of those she represents at heart, to the n'th degree, she will do what needs to be done to keep the customer happy, the transaction is streamlined and simple, but her customer's agenda comes before all else.

She will provide support and guidance exceeding anything one could normally rightfully expect, she helps people to grow and has a direct positive impact on improving ones quality of life through careful planning of short term, mid term and long term goals and execution of that strategy.

Christina goes above and beyond when preparing a house for staging, the results are astounding!

Since we met Christina, nearly 5 years ago, she has been instrumental in some of our biggest commitments that resulted, both directly and indirectly, in the largest growth of our peace of mind, investment security, return on investment and development of quality of life for us as a family! From renting, building my credit from scratch, to first investment, capitalizing on that to this potential long term second investment. That is a big deal! The only other people who have contributed so much to our lives are our respective families. She has not steered us wrong!

There are many homeowners in the State of Hawaii who consider her a part of the family.

Pete, Makaha

When we decided to move from Kauai to Oahu, we hadn't yet decided to actually move, so I contacted 3 agents by email asking their credentials and how they can help me. Two referred me to their web pages, which were dry and offered nothing much. Christina, emailed back with all her information, URL  to her web page and asked numerous questions. She said since we weren't quite ready to move, and since we knew nothing about Oahu, she could send me links to places available with our requirements, so that I would have a better idea about what we may find when we arrived and started our search. She stayed in contact discussing the places listed and about Oahu and Honolulu in general. With help like that, we decided on an area we'd prefer to live in and decided to make the leap.


When we finally moved to Oahu, she met us at the airport and even handled our luggage. She drove us to our temporary condo rental and helped bring our luggage up stairs. She even had some nibble food for us. We immediately launched into a search for a condo for us to buy.


In two weeks time, Christina took us to over 30 places. She's energetic, a safe driver, knows the island like her back yard, and has an incredible sense of humor. Additionally, later while waiting for escrow to close, my roommate became seriously ill and had to have one minor and one major surgery. Christina took us to and from the hospital since we didn't have a car. She also introduced us to Whole Foods and we ate in all the great places she showed us as we ran all over town looking at real estate. We found a place in about 3 weeks and Christina's knowledge of her career field moved us so smoothly through the sales process we didn't have time to worry. She walked us through the new place with the inspectors; she was with us every step of the way.


When it was time to move in, she packed us into her car and helped us move from the temporary condo to our new home. Then she took us to Costco to stock up on some supplies in our new home. We continue to see her on a friendship basis. We get together to go shopping and socialize sometimes simply to thank her. Christina remains a friend and we have sent her a referral, the only one we know of so far. We don't know too may people but we tell everyone about her and the way she performs. I once asked her, "Why do you do so much extra for people?" Her reply: "That's the way I was raised." Oh yes, she also has a huge funky looking dog that she loves with all her heart. What's to love about Christina? Everything. I hope we remain friends forever. She has a gentle and loving heart and is a rare person indeed!

Mary, Honolulu

Christina Berry helped me and my wife find and purchase a home in Honolulu in May, 2017.  What a pleasant experience working with her!  Most importantly, she is an honest and kind person.  That meant a lot to us. 


She was very focused, responsive, and present with us, never pressured us but, with uncanny timing, she would occasionally ask us where we were in our decision process and ask us to reflect on the properties we were looking at.  She was interested in us as people and not just as clients.  She doesn't often offer opinions but will when asked; if you ask a question, she will give you a thoughtful, measured, well researched response. 


A particular strength of hers is relentlessly honing in on what we valued as potential homeowners (and what was less important to us) and, then, matching our responses to properties that were available on the market.  She's funny... has a wry sense of humor that we enjoyed!  Christina know the Honolulu market very well, and has good relationships and contacts with professionals having anything to do with housing in the area. 


She is a very skilled and tactful negotiator.  She is clearly liked and respected by other area realtors.  With her personal style, Christina creates a "no anxiety" approach in a field where stress and anxiety can sometimes be high.  We recommend Christina Berry as a real estate agent and somebody to trust.

Dee, Moili'ili

Christina helped my wife and I find our first home. We were pretty much clueless at the beginning of the process and she helped us along every step of the way. When we finally found a home that we liked the process to get it started getting complicated by appraisals, loans, and a moody seller.   Through all of that she did a great job keeping us on track. Even when we wanted to pull the plug because things weren't going our way she assured us that it would work out and that it would be worth it in the end. She was absolutely right and we couldn't be happier with our home. Thank you so much for everything!

Mike, Waimanalo

Words cannot describe how lucky and fortunate we were to work with Christina Berry. She guided us the through this crazy process with such expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. Christina understood the importance of getting us our first home together and followed up on ALL angles possible to  ensure that we would be able to attain our new home. She kept us informed, educated us on the process, and continued to follow up with us, no matter where she was, what time zone it was, and what part of the world she was at. Christina will get it done! Christina went above and beyond her duties as an agent. My family and I are blessed to have met Christina. She is a friend for life. She is a really kind, nurturing, and caring individual. We can't thank her enough. I really can't imagine getting any better service than this. Thanks to Christina we are now living in a beautiful home that we love! I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Madelaine, Ewa Beach

Christina was a fabulous real estate agent.  Not only did she help me buy my first home that I dearly love, but she also treated me as a great friend and made the process easy and mostly stress-free.  She was always willing to answer questions, even late in the evening and weekends and I could tell she truly cared about my experience.  Her expertise showed and I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home.

Cindy, Kapolei

My dream of becoming a homeowner came true on September 16, 2016. Christina Berry played a huge role to make my dreams come true. 

Her above and beyond are

1. Being attentive to my "must haves" and providing me with a list of potentials.
2. Being available at all time to listen to my concerns and easing me of my many worries.
3. Her taking the initiative to schedule potential visits with my must haves in mind. 
4. She was even there for me after I purchased my place. She offered to meet up at Home Depot to give me suggestions and advice for my floorings.

Christina has my vote and I do and will be recommending her to my friends and family. Her above and beyond attitude has been there for me from the beginning through the end and even beyond my purchase. 

Rowena, Ewa Beach

Christina has done an amazing job representing both myself and my brother as buyers, as well as my parents as sellers. Christina has an excellent attitude and is ALWAYS available to answer any questions we had regarding the transaction. Being first time home buyers, we had no idea what we were doing. Christina provided a helpful, friendly attitude and explained every step of the process with the highest degree of patience. When I say Christina went the extra mile for my family, I mean literally that. We live way out in Sunset Beach and my father is disabled, so making the trip into town is extremely difficult for him. Christina has made the drive out to the country more times than I can remember and always with that same great attitude. I hope and pray this comment finds its way to the right people because she deserves every recognition out there. I will recommend Christina to anyone and everyone going forward. Mahalo.

Kyle, North Shore

Christina Berry has re-defined what it means to be a Realtor in Hawaii.
Christina has set herself apart by establishing new levels of customer service and client interaction. 
No task is too big or too small for this most amazing woman. 


Christina has offered me a shoulder to cry on when the stress of selling became too much and assuaged any doubts or fears I may have had about the process. Christina has cleaned alongside of me, packed up my household and painted. 

Christina has helped to make our dreams come true. I have not only attained my Dream Home, but also made a lifelong friend! Thank you Christina!!!xoxo

Sarah, Makaha

Christina M. Berry helped us twice. We moved from Kauai to Honolulu and she kept up email contact, showing us potential condo properties in Honolulu till we sold our Kauai home. then she met us at the Honolulu airport and even helped cart our luggage up to our rental. She also brought snacks and drinks because we arrived late and tired. She all but chauffeured us around, not just looking at properties, but also taxied us several times when my roommate had to have emergency surgery. She came to check on us at the rental bringing us food. She was beside us through the two month period, even showing us around the Honolulu side of the island when she had no clients. She drove us to places like Costco, Home Depot, and Whole Foods, even picking up our purchases when we had no car. We must have looked at 30 properties in two weeks! Then she walked us through our escrow to closing and made the process understandable and easy. She knew everyone we had to deal with and we found she is well liked - loved - partly because Christina knows her business, prepares her clients, and even makes the process easy for the escrow people and others. I once asked Christina why she goes beyond the call of duty to please people and see they get the right deals and are happy even with items they buy. Why was she always there to help when it was needed. Her response was, "That's the way I was raised." And truly, she lives by it and is genuinely happy to be of service.

2 1/2 Years later, approximately, we decided to sell the condo. With service like Christina's we chose her to represent us. She knew our condo and details of when we bought. Surprisingly when it came time to stage the condo for sale, she arranged the furniture in such an appealing way I had never thought of. It made the tiny place seem much larger. She brought finger foods, drinks, and decorator items to the open houses. Her plans were well-thought out. Someone who saw the condo at the first showing made their offer, yet, Christina got us a better deal from those same buyers. She always seems to have something better to offer, whether it was where to shop or what offer to accept, she was always right.

Of course, Christina has become a wonderful friend. I know this friendship will last. Should we ever return to The Islands, Christina will be the person to whom we turn for help in locating another property. Christina will be the first person we turn to for friendship. Her attitude toward people is rare indeed. And should the occasion arise, I would refer anyone to Christina only. She offers so much help, so much more than simple real estate sales. 

Mary, Ala Moana

I've heard my fare share of stories when it comes to realitor experiences from both sides of being good and bad. My first thought was that I would find a relator that would only chase after my dream when only pushed by my influence and constant outreach. Needless to say, my expectations for the experience were shallow thus not giving myself hope for surprises in the overall performance. Then I heard about this realtor by the name of Christina Berry from a fellow worker. I was given a great review that I took as a "grain of salt".


After meeting with her and explaining my expectations, my attitude on the experience immediately changed. With her warming explanations and concern for my well being, not only was my initial experience was a surprise, so was the first impression. It seemed to grow into a trustworthy relationship that is hard to come by these days. As if being professional, but having the feeling of a friendship naturally came hand-in-hand while working together. Christina quickly gained my trust because of pure honesty, and not letting her clients feel left in the dark. Her punctuality with responses to emails and phone calls were another highlight of my experience. Even when she was busy, she would have time to at least respond briefly and get back to the discussion on hand as soon as possible which was comforting because knowing my reach out was immediately acknowledged was peace of mind in an already stressful point for anyone.


Going through the phases of open houses and tours was a great experience for me as a first time buyer. She was able to keep my state of mind level with honest opinions on any given scenario depending on the property. Cruising around the island with her seemed to be worth every minute of my life as I hope it was the same for her. You can count on the position of her time with you "the client" is truly your time. Not one time did I feel rushed from her nor did I feel pushed to make a decision. If during the time something did come up, she would ever so politely ask before she addressed another clients concern which was no bother to me since she asked first. Examples as such just nullifies the quality in customer service that's hard to come by in today's busy world. When it came down to business, she was in top of all the legal documents that I didn't even know about. She spent the time explaining any question that I presented her even when I thought it may have been "stupid". At times I would get caught up in my own life and she was there to get me back in line to get all the paperwork in line which was sometimes needed and I'm vary grateful for.

The whole order from meeting to being at the desk signing papers to close seemed like a flash in time for all the right reasons. The stress was almost nonexistent. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in HA. There are more things she did for me in the seven plus months of searching for a house that would take me all day to explain. You truly do have to experience it for yourself! Not only did I meet the best self motivated realtor in my mind, but also made a friend in the experience. So much so that I would be more than happy to assist her for anything if needed. This is truly why I'm nominating Christina Berry for this award. I may only be one client on her roster, but I felt as if I was the only!


Travis, Waianae

Christina berry is a fun, professional, and personable realtor. From the beginning she was knowledgeable about what to expect with the sale of our home. Not only about the neighborhood itself but the market and comparable areas. She made things realistic and in perspective for our family and a  price point of sale that we were comfortable with. She did all of the paperwork involved in this delicate and emotional sale from our side of the sale to the buyer's paperwork. She also went above and beyond expectations and helped us clean out decades of living in this home as well as move us out to our new homes. Christina is more than a realtor she has become a great advisor, friend, and is an amazing human. Our family couldn't have asked for a better realtor/friend. Five stars isn't enough for this extraordinary woman. We hope that in the future we can do further business with her.

Liz, Manoa

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Christina on numerous occasions now, the listing referenced in this review was originally bought by us, with the help of Christina, she was our property manager before we bought, she managed this sale and she is managing the subsequent purchase of a new home. Christina is an exceptional realtor, in every way imaginable;
- She invests enormous amounts of personal time and energy in every client, to the point that every client feels truely special.
- Christina has an excellent outlook on life and her positive attitude is contagious.
- Communication is always concise.
- She is punctual and always delivers on any agreements or arrangements made.
- She has empathy, for everyone involved in the transaction.
- She is incredibly patient.
- Christina will go above and beyond in preparation and staging, often sacrificing much needed personal time to help out.
- She is dedicated and committed to her clients, loyalty that money certainly can't buy, because it stems from within, as friendship.

I have recommended Christina to many people over the years and I will continue to do so, without any reservations, because she is one of a kind. 

Pete, Mililani

Great handling of all aspects of the marketing and details of the selling steps. Further she is a hands on individual of the preparation of the unit and furnishings for final sale of the property. She is present 24/7 for service and attends all house showings and inspections. Will not find a more  hard working RE agent.

Ronald, Honolulu

If you are looking for a realtor, look no further. Christina made my first home buying experience smooth, uncomplicated and easy. She is very knowledgeable in many aspects including DIY remodeling. Her background in interior design is an added bonus! She is very flexible and catered to my work  schedule. Great follow up, 6 months after closing she called to see how everything was going. She is more than just my realtor, she is a friend for life

Jay, Downtown

What a pleasant experience working with her! Most importantly, she is an honest and kind person. That meant a lot to us. She was very focused, responsive, and present with us, never pressured us but, with uncanny timing, she would occasionally ask us where we were in our decision process and ask us to reflect on the properties we were looking at. She was interested in us as people and not just as clients. She doesn't often offer opinions but will when asked; if you ask a question, she will give you a thoughtful, measured, well researched response. A particular strength of hers is relentlessly honing in on what we valued as potential homeowners (and what was less important to us) and, then, matching our responses to properties that were available on the market. She's funny... has a wry sense of humor that we enjoyed! Christina knows the Honolulu market very well, and has good relationships and contacts with professionals having anything to do with housing in the area. She is a very skilled and tactful negotiator. She is clearly liked and respected by other area realtors. With her personal style, Christina creates a "no anxiety" approach in a field where stress and anxiety can sometimes be high. 
She went above and beyond when she arranged for her own handyman to repair the screens and install a washing machine in the home we purchased. She even donated the washing machine as it was one she was using herself in her home but no longer needed. She is the rare combination of generosity, trustworthiness, and savvy in business matters. 

Nancy, Moili'ili

John, Pearl City

Very professional, always found better ways to prep the home prior to open house. very easy to talk to, takes your vision and made it better. Will be there if you are in a pinch, "when life happens" to ensure the sale of the home stays on track.

Derek, Aiea

Christina is an exceptional Realitor. While I had a very tight schedule she made every arrangement day or night to make my real estate transaction as smooth as possible. While I knew that she is hard working and very busy she always made me feel that I was a priority as if I was her only customer. Christina exemplifies what a top notch agent should strive to be. Committed, communicates often, continues until the sale is complete, and continues communication after the sale to ensure all is well. 

Ron, Pawa'a

Performed complete arrangement of the furnishings and wall coverings by herself. Much work in time and effort. Was on time with every appointment. She attended every showing. The transaction paperwork was flawless. She executed every procedural step of the sale outstanding. Her positive attitude throughout the sale process was exempletory. 

Thank you to all of our Clients

for your Love and Support

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